About Donna

A Vermonter, her ‘early musical career’ involved singing with her sister with the usual hairbrush microphone, hearing her Mom play the organ, or her beautiful voice singing the old jazz tunes, hours singing on family road trips, playing in the high school band, and singing in the high school chorus and a popular girl group in college. Donna has always loved to tell a story, sing with friends, and she loves to entertain, which is no surprise to those that know her.

In the summer of ’07, after a major medical event, Donna began an amazing journey into blues and jazz.  It has become her passion. Donna says, “I always knew I would have one more great love affair before I died, but somehow I thought it would involve a man.”

During her 30+ year hiatus from that ‘early music career’ Donna says she can’t say she ever was on stage or worked with any of the greats like Aretha, Tina, or Etta. (Although she did take care of a few music notables in the SF Emergency Room that she worked in during the 70’s.)  However, since 2007 Donna has forged strong ties with some of the finest jazz & blues musicians & vocalists on the scene in the Bay Area.  She has been lucky enough to work with and be coached by Lynn Asher, James Moseley, Michael LaMacchia, Raz Kennedy, Tammy Lynn Hall, Wanda Stafford, Faye Carol, Ken Cook, and Dawn Farry. She has sat in with the likes of Michael Arragon & David Sturdevant, and has performed with many other musicians through Crossroads Music including Daniel Fusco, Andy Dillard, Eric Lindquist, Rob Fordyce, Andy Dudnick, and Sandy Griffith. Donna also feels fortunate to be supported by an incredible community of musicians, many of whom she considers friends.

Donna is a stylist with a unique sound. She has great stage presence and always commands the room. Unpretentious, powerful, playful, and truly authentic, she is at her best singing a heart-tugging ballad or a sassy, slightly naughty blues that ranges from flirty to lusty and sometimes brazen with her favorite use of double entendres.  Donna believes, “It’s so important to relate to the story you sing, & at this stage of life I have lived so many of the stories or experienced the emotions.”

Donna says, “I want to try and make every gig a show- fun, heartfelt, and entertaining!”